Research: Opening Up Design

2010-2015 – My PhD research Opening Up Design: Engaging the Layperson in the Design of Everyday Products was done at Umeå Institute of Design. This research focused on the democratisation of design by enabling consumers to actively participate in the design of everyday products through the use of software toolkits and 3D printing.

Supervisors: Erik Stolterman (School of Informatics, Indiana University, USA / Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden) and Anna Valtonen (Aalto University, Helsinki).

Visit the project website for the abstract, to download the dissertation, committee information, and appendices.

Opening Up Design in a snapshot..

It is nearly impossible to summarise a 5 year research project in one paragraph, therefore a snapshot in poster format to give a visual impression of the problem, methods, and outcomes.


The full dissertation can be found at