HelioCell – Adaptive Solar Pavilion

2012 – group work – HelioCell is an adaptive solar pavilion that was developed during a 2-week summer school at Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona.

The idea of the pavilion is that it adjusts it shape to get the optimal amount of sun throughout the year. The two arcs are draped with solar panels and each leg of the arc can move independently. The solar pavilion was developed during an intensive workshop with a team of architects, designers, and engineers. First, digital models and 1-to-10 models were prototyped, then a 1-to-5 model, and finally a full-scale model was fabricated on the roof of the IaaC building in Barcelona.

I was mainly involved in prototyping 1-to-10 models, the 1-to-5 prototype as well as the electronics for the full-scale model.

Article on Domus covering the Heliocell project.